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  • Does your project depend heavily on mainframes?
  • Are you searching solutions for:
    • Customer business and account keeping
    • Interbank payment transactions
    • Savings deposits, time deposits, portfolio management, securities
    • Nostro-/Loro reconciliation of accounts
    • Congruent structured refinancing
  • Are your building blocks of the project:
    • IBM mainframe
    • IMS-DB2, DL1
    • IMS-DC, CICS
    • Cobol, PL1, Assembler
  • We offer:
    • Structured design und programming
    • Project management, system analysis, organisation and programming
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The programm sharedSecrets ist Freeware. It manages all your passwords, PIN and other secrets. It is easy to use and you have to memorize just a single master password. At the same time the confidentiality of your secrets has top priority. All data is stored in an encrypted format, and only the master password can reveal your secrets. sharedSecrets uses the strong AES-128 encryption.

Maxwell's Dream

The CAE-program Maxwell's Dream is freeware. You can use it to calculate the field, the wave impedance and the capacity of Triplate transmission lines. The calculation is based upon a finite elements analysis.

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