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A triplate is made of three parallel metal plates (hence the name "Triplate"). The topmost and the lowest plate have infinite dimensions and are called GND or ground planes. The plate in the middle is the signal conductor and has a specific width and thickness. To define such a geometry, 4 input parameters are sufficient:

These four input parameters are shown in the following diagram:

Geometry of a Triplate

You can edit these parameters directly in the window of Maxwell's Dream:

The physical unit - Why are there no units given in the input fields? The reason is, that the absolute size of the input parameters is meaningless. What is needed by the algorithm is the ratio of the geometric parameters. So you are free to make your inputs in inches, kilometers, miles or micrometers, as long as you use the same unit for all 4 parameters.

Whenever you change one of the four geometric input parameters, the change is updated immediately in the diagram of the window, after you hit the return- or tab-key. If your input is out of the valid range for a triplate, the diagram is simply greyed. An invalid input is for example a SIG to GND value, which is larger than the distance between the two ground planes. Remember, the signal trace has to be between the two ground planes!

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