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Question: I want to copy the graphic of the electric field to the clipboard. How can I do that?
Answer: Select the graphic by clicking with the mouse on it. Select COPY from the Edit-Menu. That's it.

Question: I want to support the freeware-development of ELKOSOFT. What is the best way to support this freeware?
Answer: We would appreciate to get feedback. Tell us what you think about the program. How do you use it? Are there any problems or bugs? Is the documentation usable for you? Thank you very much in advance for your feedback.

Question: With a special geometry of the triplate the calculation never finishes. What is the problem here?
Answer: In theory, if the finite elements array is too big, the iteration stucks because of numerical problems with small numbers. Practically we do not expect to see such a behaviour with Maxwell's Dream, because the size of the finite elements array is chosen properly by the program. If you experience such a behaviour, please send us a bug report via the feedback form.

Question: I need other types of transmission lines also? When will Maxwell's Dream Pro be available?
Answer: In the summer of 2004.

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