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Whenever you transmit high speed signals, you have to be aware of the type of transmission line used. Well known transmission types are:

Types of Transmission Lines
Isolated Wire

Twisted Pair

Coaxial Cable
(inner and outer conductor)

(copper trace over a ground plane)
(copper trace inbetween two ground planes)
Coupled Triplate
(two triplates)

Triplate transmission lines can be found typically in printed circuits boards (PCB). A PCB connects electronic circuits via printed copper traces. In a multilayer PCB most traces can be found in the inner layers, see the following cross section of a PCB:

In the following diagram the different types of transmission lines are highlighted:

With Maxwell's Dream the transmission line parameters of triplates can be calculated. The next version, "Maxwell's Dream pro", will support other types of transmission lines as well. Maxwell's Dream pro will come in the first quarter of 2004.

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