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Maxwell's Dream

Now released - CAE-program Maxwell's Dream. You can use it to calculate the field, the wave impedance and the capacity of Triplate transmission lines. The calculation is based upon a finite elements analysis:

Eleccrical Field Graphic

This diagram shows the calculated electrical field distribution around the wire trace of a triplate (stripline).

System Requirements

Every Macintosh with OS X, beginning from version 10.2 (Jaguar). If available, an AltiVec Unit (G4 or G5) will be used.


Now. If you want to be informed about future versions availability, please use our form to register for our mailing list.


free of charge (Freeware), a registration is not necessary.


You can find the complete online manual here.


Click here to start the download immediately. You will receive a disk image with the application Maxwell's Dream inside. Move this application to your program folder.


Please read the license before downloading and using Maxwell's Dream.

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