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In the Internet you have to handle a lot of passwords. Many web sites and services are available with a login only.
A typical login:

typical login mask

sharedSecrets helps you to manage most of the login-masks in the Internet. sharedSecrets collaborates with Safari and can store automatically a secret which is based upon the login form of a web site. When you want to open the same web site the next time, with a single click in sharedSecrets the software opens the web site for you and fills in the login form. To do so, follow these steps:

Now sharedSecrets has learned this Internet login and can repeat it for you the next time. To do so, follow these steps:

You can use the blue arrow also in cases where you entered the URL into the secret manually. sharedSecrets will open the web site for you. Nevertheless sharedSecrets can enter user name and password into the form, if sharedSecrets has learned the complete secret automatically from Safari with the method described above.

Your help:
Unfortunately there are many ways to design login forms and sharedSecrets cannot serve all of them. Please help us by giving us feedback about web sites which sharedSecrets cannot handle automatically. This way you can support us to improve our freeware continuously.

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