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I want to add a new secret, but the "+" Button is dimmed. What's wrong?

To add a new secret, exactly one category must be selected. If multiple categories are selected, the program does not know, to which category it should add the secret.

What are the implications of changing the master password?

The secrets data base is stored by the program in your home directory only. But with every backup or whenever you make a copy of your hard disk, the file containing the data base is spread somehow. When you change the master password, the data base in the home directory is updated and can be unlocked with the new password only. All other copies of your secret in backup drives or removable medias are not updated. As a consequence these backups can still be unlocked with the old password. If your password is compromised, you need to delete all backups of the data base.

Is it dangerous, if someone else has access to the data base of the program?

The secrets data base is encrpyted. As long as the password is not compromised, your secrets are safe. You can even publish your data base file in the Internet, if you like.

If have forgotten my master password. Can you help me?

Sorry, there is no backdoor in the program, and for our knowledge there is no backdoor in the AES-128 algorithm. Without the master password nobody can recover your secrets.

In which file is the data base stored?

YourHomeDirectory/Library/application support/sharedSecrets/localFile.sSs

What is the recommended backup strategy?

Make a backup from your home directory, including the Library directory. If your hard disk crashes, you can restore the data base from the backup. It might be uselful also to make a backup of the program, but typically you re-download the program from our server.

In which file are the preferences stored?


This file is not critical for operation. It just remembers some of your configuration for convenience. If these preferences are deleted, the program creates a new file automatically.

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