Update Service

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Automatic check:
For every security software a regular update service is important, of course. In our case the software checks for new versions every week. If a new version is available, you will be informed the next time you start this program.

Manual check:
If you do not want to wait for the next scheduled check, you can trigger a version check manually with the "Check for updates…" command in the help menu.

Privacy of your data:
During the update check the software does not upload any data to any server in the Internet or to elsewhere. The software simply downloads a single file from our server. For example the program sharedSecrets 1.0.1 would download the file "sharedsecretsformac_1_0_1.plist". From the content of this file the software gets three pieces of information: Is 1.0.1 up-to-date? What is the name of the new version? From where can you download the new version, if you like?

Therefore the flow of information is from our server to your computer, not other way round. We guarantee: There is no upload of your private data, no usage statistics are uploaded.

The protocol to download the file "sharedsecretsformac_x_y_z.plist" is a simple http request, and you can trace it with any tool you like. The file is not encrypted.

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